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Chart Help: Star Catalogs

Star Catalogs Available

All charts on this site use the HYG catalog of detailed stellar positions. More detailed, high-magnification charts can also show stars from either the Tycho-2 or the UCAC-4 catalogs. The catalog selection is automatic when a chart's scale and magnitude limit exceed certain values.

Content note: I've had to disable the UCAC-4 option for now, for DB space reasons. I'll re-enable it when this is resolved.

Catalog Stars Magnitude Limit Details Chart Parameters
HYG 119 thousand Nearly complete to +9; some stars to +12.
  • Distances to nearly all stars
  • 2D motions for nearly all stars
  • 3D motions for most bright stars (mag <+6.5) and selected fainter ones
Tycho-2 2.43 million 99% complete to +11.0; 90% complete to +11.5; some stars to +13.
  • 2D positions and motions for nearly all stars
  • No distance or 3D velocity information
Scale > 3 and Mag > 9.0
UCAC-4 (not active) 113.5 million Complete to about +16.5; some to +17.0
  • Current positions only.
  • No distance or velocity information
Scale > 20 and Mag > 12.0

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