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Chart Help: Navigation Tool

Navigation Tool

On any chart, the navigation tool appears in the top left corner. Each icon's effect is listed here:

Earth Set the Location to the Earth (same as "Sun")
Up Retarget to a somewhat higher declination
Down Retarget to a somewhat lower declination
Left Retarget to a somewhat higher right ascension (RA)
Right Retarget to a somewhat lower right ascension (RA)

The Earth icon is most useful when you're viewing the sky from stars other than the Sun. If you've been poking around a bunch of faraway stars and want to get back home quickly, hit the Earth icon.

The arrow icons retarget the chart to new coordinates in the direction specified by the arrow. Specifically, it recenters the chart on a specific right ascension (RA) and declination (Dec) determined by the spacing of the chart coordinate grid. Each step equals 2 grid spacings in the given direction. For example, at the lowest zoom level for Atlas charts, the declination spacing is 15 degrees. The Up and Down arrows will change the chart's center by +30 or -30 degrees in declination.

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