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Advanced Charts

Create your own custom stereo star charts with this form! Instead of choosing from a set of pre-drawn charts, create your own, with your own preferences for output image size, stereo depth, center coordinates, and more!

Features of the Advanced Form

  • View charts centered on any point in the sky, not just the 26 in the Basic Form
  • Set the magnitude limit as high as 7.5 -- similar to, or even dimmer than, the naked-eye limit under very dark skies -- thus showing about ten times as many stars as are shown on the Basic charts
  • Specify a magnification factor, letting you zoom in on small star regions such as the Hyades or Pleiades
  • Adjust the size of the final image, to fit on very small or very large screens comfortably
  • Adjust the stereo depth, to customize the apparent amount of depth seen in the image

For an example of what can be done with this form, examine a stereo view of Ursa Major (the Big Dipper) and surrounding constellations.

Because the chart coordinates and magnifications are totally user-selectable, the Reference charts from the Basic form are not available here. If you aren't comfortable with celestial coordinates or the appearance of the night sky in general, you might want to experiment with the Basic Charts form first.

Some Important Information

  1. If you use the chart picker multiple times, you may need to Reload the star chart page to make sure you're getting the updated chart and aren't reusing a cached copy of the chart.

  2. If you have any questions about what the form does or what to use for a given form field, check out the Advanced Chart Form Details page.

Advanced Chart Picker

Chart Coordinates

Right Ascension

Range 0.00 - 24.00 hours (use decimal hours)


Range -90.00 to 90.00 degrees (use decimal degrees)

General Image Settings

Stellar Magnitude Limit

Set the magnitude of the dimmest stars displayed (range 0.0 - +7.5)

Chart Magnification

Set the magnification of the chart (range: 0.5 - 10)

Stereo Image Settings

Stereo Method

Choose a stereo method.

Cross-Eyed Stereo Pair
Wide-Eyed Stereo Pair

Stereo Separation / Depth

Stereo Depth: Larger numbers increase apparent separation of stars. Range 1-1000.

Other Settings

Chart Size

Chart width in pixels: range 200-1200.

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