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Virtual Messier is an interface to the extensive collection of Messier object information in Wikipedia. Select a chart from the list below, then click any Messier ("M) object on the chart to get basic information about it, such as its constellation, magnitude, and size, as well as an image of the object. Then click the info ("i") icon for that object to get its Wikipedia page.

The main sky charts all have fields of view of about 60x40 degrees, and are centered on the coordinates given in the chart list. A few star charts are so clogged with Messier objects, or have objects that are so close to each other (e.g., M31/M32/M110), that the regular star chart scale of 60x40 degrees isn't helpful. These sky regions are directly selectable as "Closeup" views from the chart list.

The finder charts use the Endeavour star chart application used elsewhere on this site.